How to Screen a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation


When you’re in need of plastic surgery in Beverly Hills for assistance with breast augmentation or implants, it helps to search carefully and be sure that you’re going into the hands of a qualified medical professional. Certainly, you need a surgeon that makes you feel comfortable and answers your questions well. Yet, several factors can help you decide if a plastic surgeon is the right one for the task at hand.

The most essential consideration is that the surgeon be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Most such surgeons are also members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These two associations require their members to have at least three years of training in general surgery as well as 2 years of specialist plastic surgery education.

Before breast augmentation in Beverly Hills surgeon is admitted into either of the boards, they have to pass thorough written and oral tests. Their membership is also tied to strict adherence to a code of medical ethics. In addition, a surgeon that specializes in plastic surgery commits more of their time to the practice, so, you can be sure they have sufficient experience with it.

Also, ascertain that your surgeon spends enough time during consultation clarifying all issues that concern you. They should explain the surgery in terms that are easy to understand to help you decide. A surgeon that’s willing to commit between 30 and 40 minutes to new patients is likely to take their time giving you the best care. Feel free to raise as many issues as you’d wish, and avoid anyone who responds to your questions with the “I am the doctor here” attitude.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, appearance means everything. So, be sure to check out some of the photos your preferred plastic surgeon has taken for their previous work. If you like what you see, chances are that the surgeon will perform perfect breast augmentation on you.

Don’t forget to ask around. No friend or family member can refer you to a plastic surgeon they don’t like. You can also ask your usual physician to refer you to any surgeon they know that can perform a flawless procedure on you.

Take your time to screen your potential cosmetic surgeon. If you need to undergo breast augmentation, ascertain that your plastic surgeon at MiraDry in Beverly Hills has the experience, board certification, and passion to perform the procedure right.


8 Questions to Ask a Plastic Surgeon


When you visit a plastic surgeon for a plastic surgery procedure, there are several questions you should ask them first. The following are 8 questions to ask your surgeon.

What type of procedure is best for the outcome you want?

This is a great question as it will let you learn about all the different types of procedures as well as the pros and cons of each. Make sure to ask your surgeon why they recommend a certain procedure.

What’s your surgeon’s success rate for the procedure?

This will let you know the success rate of the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and the possibility of anything going wrong. It’s also advisable to learn about your surgeon’s experience with this type of procedure and whether they’re especially recommended by other surgeons.

How long does the surgery take and what will be the recovery period?

This will let you know how long you’ll need to take time off work and how much strain will be put on your body. You’ll need to factor in your recovery period to make sure that you don’t go through enormous strain during that period.

What risks are involved in the procedure?

Understanding the risks associated with a surgery will help you prepare for them. Although most surgeries are done without any issues, sometimes they can go wrong, so you need to know this in order to make a wise decision about undergoing the procedure or not.

Will my insurance cover it?

This is a critical question as many insurance firms don’t cover plastic surgery.

What costs are involved?

If you’re going to foot the bill for the procedure on your own, then you’ll need to find out exactly how much it will cost for the whole procedure. It’s always advisable to ask them to give you a breakdown of expenses so you know if there are any hidden costs in the procedure.

Where will the procedure take place?

While plenty of procedures are done in hospitals, some take place in a surgeon’s office or even a different location. You need to be aware of this so you can make a wise choice about whether to go ahead with the surgery or not.

Does your surgeon recommend the procedure?

If your hyperhidrosis surgeon has any reservations about the procedure, then they have to let you know. If they’re worried about complications because of your health status, then you’ll have to ensure you consider them seriously when deciding whether to undergo the procedure or not.

Guidelines and Tips for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon


If you plan to go through a plastic surgery procedure, you have to make an informed choice before proceeding further. These days, there are so many plastic surgeons providing a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures at advanced facilities.

More and more people of both genders are now going under the knife and benefiting from improved aesthetic results. If you’re considering undergoing plastic surgery, the good news is that there are good plastic surgery facilities out there with modern advanced equipment as well as experienced cosmetic surgeons to offer aesthetic procedures.

So, how do you choose the best plastic surgeon and facility when planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure? You have to find a surgeon who has experience in performing the procedure and really understands your aesthetic objectives. You need to be comfortable with the environment, the surgeon as well as the chosen surgery.

The following guidelines can help you when looking for a board certified plastic surgeons:

If possible, look for a facility that provides reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures and has cultivated a great reputation for providing good results. Each patient has their own requirements and the chosen surgeon should come up with a solution for their patient.

Check whether the plastic surgeon is qualified. In addition, check whether they have the necessary training and experience for providing the right surgical solutions and high quality advice.

Ensure that during the first consultation, there’s a detailed discussion of the different options available so you can clearly understand these procedures as well as the results that may be achieved.

You should not feel as if you’re being pushed to undergo the procedure at a certain plastic surgery facility.

Ensure that you have enough confidence with the plastic surgeon, nursing staff, hospital environment and support services. This is because the whole team is crucial to ensure you have a comfortable and safe plastic surgery experience.

Plastic surgery can produce lasting and impressive results when done by a skilled surgeon. It’s critical to have realistic expectations and do whatever you’re instructed by your surgeon. A good surgeon can be obtained via a detailed research. You can also take referrals from family members and friends regarding a good surgeon. Also ensure that you get testimonials from the surgeon’s patients.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries aren’t taken for weight loss. Instead, they’re body contouring procedures that are done to help get rid of excess fat that’s resistant to traditional weight loss methods. Know the breast implants cost here!